Fat Tuesday, “Real” Lent, and Words 8 & 9: Knacker and Gnathic

Woah, woah, woah, let me get this straight: yesterday was Fat Tuesday…today is Ash Wednesday (which marks the start of “real” Lent)…and the Pope resigned? What a wild time to be a (non-practicing) Catholic, I feel like this all came out of nowhere…

Yesterday I went down to the Cape to visit with my family and was totally blindsided by my mom when she told me it was Fat Tuesday—how did I have no idea this was happening? Maybe it has something to do with that little “non-practicing” I toss in front of Catholic, ohhhh…

Anyways…after our delicious, raw, vegan lunch, we decided to sieze the day (or “Dzenawagis”, our last name, which we’ve been told means “sieze the day” in Polish. Fact or fiction? Can someone confirm?) and Fat-Tuesday it up with some pizza and banana cream pie. And today, Ash Wednesday? No, I’m not one of those people walking around with a black dot on my forehead, but I think I’ll give something up for the next 40 days as an homage to my Lent roots. How about sweets? Perfect, no dessert until Easter. It’s settled. 

Now back to the vocabulary…yesterday’s word, knacker, had 2 versions: a noun and a verb. Since the definition of the noun is “A person who buys old, sick, or worn-out animals for slaughter”, I decided to focus on the verb version, “To tire out”. See below: 


And today,  my utterly useless word is “gnathic” (don’t forget, it’s words with silent letters week afterall):



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