Smoothies #19, #20, and #21 and My Sad Farewell to Vitameatavitamix Month

So…tomorrow is the last day of January, and of course, my smoothie challenge—time to channel my BFF Sondra who makes the most incredibly amazing frown you’ve ever seen, because well, I’m a litte sad to leave this one behind. Wahhhh…

I need to keep reminding myself though, that just because January is over doesn’t mean that my smoothie-making has to be. The reason I do these challenges in the first place is to introduce new habits to my life, and I’m hoping that this one sticks because it’s been an awesome addition to my life.

Enough with the farewells though, let me tell you what I’ve been blending up this week:

Smoothie #19: A simple (but delicious) Banana-Blueberry Smoothie from Martha Stewart

Smoothie #20: I gave another go at the oatmeal smoothie since the last 2 I made were kind of eh, and I’m happy to report that this recipe for a Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie was great—in spite of the fact that I omitted the sugar too. 

Smoothie #21: Again from Whole Living (their 25 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes is the best collection of smoothie recipes I’ve found), I made this Mango-Coconut Water Smoothie today and it was delish. Highly recommended, the little kick of cayenne pepper was perfect. 

So, what’s my final smoothie for tomorrow going to be? I actually don’t have anything epic planned. Should I? Maybe I’ll wake up and feel inspired to whip something new up, or maybe I’ll just make my favorite recipe from the month. Either way though, I’ll be drinking it in the car on my way to Long Island to help out at lululemon’s big warehouse sale, aka Yogabowl, this weekend,  woohoo! Is anyone else planning on going? Lemme know, I’d love to meet up.

And February’s lent? I’m still mulling over what to do. Any big ideas for me? I should note too that I’m delaying the start of it until my return from the YogaBowl so there’s still a few days to figure it out. Hopefully this weekend will inspire something awesome. 

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