January’s Lent: A Smoothie A Day (or Vitameatavitamix)

Hello from WordPress! I’m happy to be here, happy to be welcoming in a new (odd-numbered) year, and happy to be embarking on the 1st lent of my 5th year of lent. Happy birthday 12MOL! Should I be planning some sort of wild anniversary party? Who’s in?

Enough already though—let’s get down to it. What’s this month’s challenge you ask? It’s inspired by what is probably my most favorite Christmas present of all time ever (besides of course the pink Power Wheels Barbie Corvette I received in 1989. Side note within a side note: My mom’s been on the hunt all week for the photo of little Danne with her prized vet): my brand new VITAMIX BLENDER! AAHHHHHHHH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’M SO EXCITED!


The joy is visible, right? So, since I’m clearly over the moon about my new BFF, I’m dedicating a month of lent to it—Welcome January’s Lent: A Smoothie A Day (or Vitameatavitamix). I mean, I’ve always wanted to be that person who has a smoothie each morning for breakfast, haven’t you?

And I know, I know—the Vitamix can do much more than just make smoothies, but that’s just how I’m gettin’ the ball rollin’. Before you know it I’ll be making my own almond milk and peanut butter too (is it not the most amazing thing ever that I can make almond milk at home? OMG).

So, all January long I’ll be making smoothies and documenting my delicious journey here. This is an open call too: Does anyone have any awesome smoothie recipes they’d like to share with me? I’m all ears.

Smoothie cheers for a Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “January’s Lent: A Smoothie A Day (or Vitameatavitamix)

  1. OMG! I want a vitamix so badly!!! Also – quite enjoyed the I Love Lucy reference… You’re right – we were separated at birth!

    Ps the new blog looks amazing!

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