Bye-Bye 2012 and Blogger, Hello 2013 and 12 Months of Lent 2.0!

First of all, I have some big news that I’m beyond excited about…are you ready for this? 12 Months of Lent has moved!

That’s right, after 4 years with Blogger, I’ve decided that the start of 2013 and my 5th year of 12 Months of Lent (can you believe it?) is the perfect time to move onto bigger and better things, i.e. WordPress. I’ve been a busy little bee (as has Dan who’s been amazing at helping me with the backend of things) moving everything over to my new site, which I’m aptly referring to as 12MOL 2.0.

What this means for you is that this is my last post at the Blogger address, so to stay up to date with 12 Months of Lent, please make sure to update your bookmarks, and RSS feeds, and email subscriptions, and all that stuff I barely know anything about. Here’s where you can find me from now on:

And that’s not all! I finally got around to setting up a 12MOL Facebook page, which I plan on keeping updated with new posts and pictures and all that good stuff. Please take a second to like it, and of course, to share it with anyone and everyone you know.

And I suppose since it’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow marks the start of a brand new, odd-numbered year (I have a personal philosophy that odd-numbered years are way better than even-numbered ones), I should give some sort of summary of 2012, or at least as it relates to this blog, right?

I’ll keep it short since you’re all probably reading this on your iPhones at a bar, so here goes: 2012 was an awesome year for me, both personally, and for my lents. I might have failed to actually launch my design portfolio site like I was supposed to do last January and February (can’t win ’em all), but I did an intense 21-day dietary cleanse in March, a technology detox in April, and a cool microphilanthropic month in May. I sat with my 92 year-old grandmother in June and July to record our family’s history (which I later made into a book and gave to her this Christmas), got my finances back in order with a wallet diet in August, and embarked on a movie-watching challenge in September and October. Then I topped things off with a reading challenge in November, and my 7 Golden Rules of Christmas this past month—which of course brings me to my final check-in for that challenge.

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of fell off the wagon a bit after Christmas—as hard as I tried to keep it together, Christmas is just killer, especially when you work retail. I didn’t let it discourage me or give me an excuse to abandon ship though. I’ve still been striving to maintain the healthy habits I set up, even after days when I’ve totally missed the mark.

I read a nice quote from Baron Baptiste today (in reference to his Digital 40 Days Baptiste Yoga program) that perfectly summarizes how I feel about responding to failures and setbacks:

“I often tell my students that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about calmly and kindly getting back up each and every time that makes all the difference. Part of this program is that (much like your day-to-day life) it will present you with many opportunities to jump ship… “I had a stressful day today and don’t want to meditate for 5 minutes” or “I don’t have the time today for yoga practice or to make myself something for dinner.” The good news is this is where the personal revolution occurs: you’ll be on the lookout for these kinds of disempowering thoughts and attitudes and experience the power of choosing your next action. If you ‘fall off the wagon’, simply get back on.”

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for all your love and support this year.


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