This Week = Killin It (NBD)

It’s only Wednesday, and so far this week I’ve meditated every day (I even received a personal meditation and mantra from my teacher to work with), I’ve already been to yoga twice, practiced yoga nidra once, and cooked my first of 2 recipes. Did I mention that I wrote and mailed out all of my Christmas cards too?

Basically, I’m killin it. Danne. Bam.

And now I’m relaxing by my Balsam and Cedar scented candle and listening to the Hanson Christmas album (don’t judge me) while I work on Grammy’s Christmas gift—I’m finally putting together the printed book of our family history that I transcribed over the summer (you remember Tuesdays With Grammy, right?). It’s definitely the gift I’m looking forward to giving the most.

p.s. Do these pics look familiar? Follow me on Instagram!

White bean and kale stew with a grilled cheese, avocado, pesto, and spinach, sammie.

Christmas card writin’ last night

A surprise Christmas package I received from my friend Jocelyn with a gingerbread man tree ornament for me and a cat nip mustache for Fanne (which she’s OBSESSED with).                     


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