My Week 2 Progress Report

Well look at that—Christmas is just about a week away, full-blown holiday-madness is among us, and somehow I haven’t totally lost it yet. How is this possible? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it has something to do with this month’s challenge, no?

In addition to gift making/shopping, Christmas card writing, holiday party-going, and helping the clueless husbands of Boston’s MetroWest pick out yoga outfits for their wives, this is what else I spent my time doing last week:

  1. Yoga Practice: I made it out to 4 classes last week. Goal = hit! I tried to squeeze in a 5th like I said I would, but the one that best fit my schedule was full. What can you do? I’m perfectly happy with 4.
  2. Meditation: Every. Single. Day. This was huge for me, and also probably what is helping me to keep it together the most.
  3. Yoga Nidra: I only got to this once last week but my goal was twice. My only miss for the week, sigh…
  4. Running: Against my will, I made it out twice. It was cold, it was getting dark, but what got me out the door was reminding myself that I never come back from a run, or any workout for that matter, and say “man, I really wish I had just stayed home.”
  5. Cooking: We did indeed prepare 2 legit meals, one of which was potato latkes for Chanukah (I don’t know if the house will ever smell the same again, in a good way, of course).
  6. No Sweets: I did awesome with this one too, completely abstaining from all sweets except for the legal cheat I allowed myself on my birthday.
  7.  Credit Card Freeze: Still chillin’

I’m not gonna lie—it’s been hard to fit everything in. Between working full-time, regular life responsibilities, holiday responsibilities and activities, trying to keep up with blogging, and attempting to hit all 7 Golden Rules of Christmas, I’m stretched pretty thin. To all the moms out there: I don’t know how you do it, really. You’re amazing.

But I’m pretty sure these healthy habits are what’s keeping me sane in the first place, so it’s well worth the effort if you ask me.

This week I’m again attempting to make every single goal, especially since I was so close last week, so close…

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