Be a Bookworm Wrap-Up and December’s Lent

And it looks like it’s happened again—hello December, where did you come from?

It’s officially a new month so that means I’m officially on to a new challenge. Although I still have a little bit left to read in Wild, I’m perfectly ok with only having read 4 books over the course of the month instead of my original 5. I mean, considering that I’m pretty sure I only finished 1 book in all of 2012 up until this Lent, I’d say that’s an improvement, no?

And before I move on, I’d like to give Julie & Julia my 2 12MOL Thumbs Up. Regardless of how many people trashed it on goodreads because they thought the author was too “whiny”, “self-absorbed”, and “repulsive” (ok, ok, ok, even I agree, that maggot story was totally vile), I really loved it. Haters can hate all they want, but let’s be honest—it’s a pretty incredible story.

As for Wild, memoir #2 of the month, I’m fairly certain it’ll receive my seal of approval as well. I have to say though, when I’m finished with this one I may need a break from books about women who overcome really terrible periods in their lives by creating insane personal challenges/epic journeys for themselves. I’m beginning to think I have a type…

So…what am I doing for December? After tossing around a few different ideas, I decided that I’d create a sort of “holiday survival guide” so I can end 2012 on the highest note possible (instead of fat and broke like I normally do).

The basic gist is this: the holidays are what they are, totally crazy and absolutely exhausting. After all the gift shopping, cocktail party-going, family gathering, and Christmas cookie-consuming, I’m usually totally beat—not to mention disappointed with myself for letting all my healthy habits slip—by the time New Years rolls around.

Not this year!

I’m taking control of the situation and in order to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, this December, I’ve decided on a few guidelines, which I’m calling “My 7 Golden Rules of Christmas”, that I’m 100% committing to this month:

  1. I will practice yoga 4 times a week.
  2. I will practice yoga nidra 2 times a week.
  3. I will meditate every day.
  4. I will go for a run twice a week.
  5. I will cook 2 healthy meals from real recipes each week (ie. all of my meals will not come from the Trader Joes frozen section).
  6. I will abstain from all sweets (I had 6 cavities filled a few weeks ago, whoops), but allow myself exceptions for my birthday (which is next Tuesday in case you were wondering), Christmas Eve (how could I deny myself Aunt Sue’s amazing dessert selection?), and Christmas Day. Maybe one more small one if there’s something too good to pass up. 
  7. My credit card will remain in the freezer (where it has been since my Wallet Diet in August, go me!).

My goal is to leave 2012 feeling like the best possible version of myself so I don’t need to kick my ass come January 1st. I’m even thinking about finding one of those yoga classes on New Years Eve where you enter the new year in savasana—anyone in?

Bye, Be A Bookworm Challenge, Fanne and I will miss you…


5 thoughts on “Be a Bookworm Wrap-Up and December’s Lent

  1. Hi Danne,I keep meaning to comment and tell you that I also work at lululemon (at the Pru) and how much I like your blog. And I was also thinking about going to a NYE class. I just received an email from JP Center Yoga about their NYE class and I am thinking about doing that one, if you're interested!

  2. Hello fellow lulu! I'd love to hear more about the JP Center Yoga class, I'll have to look it up. My friend Marissa also found one that sounds great at South Boston Yoga (they serve chai and cookies beforehand). Do you have a studio preference? I'm up for whatever, let me know what you think!

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