3 (practically) Down, 1 To Go

Let me start by saying that when I set my original goal to finish Fierce Medicine and The Four Desires (2 books I had already started) within the first week of this challenge,  I hadn’t actually checked to see how far along I was in each—a minor oversight. I thought I remembered being about half way through each of them, so I rationed that combined, It’d be like I was reading 1 book in a week instead of 2, right? Totally wrong.

When I finally picked them back up, I was faced with how little I had actually read in each (somewhere around the 50 page mark), so getting through those 2 took a bit longer than expected. Because of this, I decided that I’d reset my reading expectations for the month and stick to finishing 4 books instead of 5 (and perhaps at least starting the 5th if time permits, which I’m pretty sure it won’t).

So, where am I at now? Fierce Medicine is done, as is The Four Desires (which I’ll post more about later in the week),  and I only have 25 pages left in Julie & Julia, which I practically devoured on my post-Thanksgiving trip out to Ann Arbor to visit Dan’s family. I’ll give a full review after I’ve officially checked it off the list, but so far, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit—which doesn’t really surprise me considering it’s about a girl who started a blog about a personal challenge that subsequently got her a book deal. Oh, dreams…

But now off to finish those last 25 pages, and then tomorrow to pick up a copy of my 4th and final book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I will furiously read for the remainder of the week.

Packing essentials…

Reunited with my big, fat cat baby

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