Lent = Out

Well…that’s it friends. My 2-month movie challenge ends today. How’d I do? I can’t say I got around to watching all 20 on the list, but I didn’t do so bad—and I even kind of liked watching some of them, which is a huge step for me. Here’s what I did end up seeing:

  1. Citizen Kane 
  2. Usual Suspects 
  3. Pulp Fiction 
  4. Fight Club
  5. The Matrix 
  6. Say Anything
  7. Caddyshack
  8. Animal House
  9. Legends of the Fall
  10. Top Gun
  11. Reality Bites
  12. Dead Man Walking
  13. The Big Lebowski
  14. Rushmore
  15. Rocky
  16. Rain Man

Pretty good for a non-movie person, eh? Here’s the few that still remain (note: I have plans to watch Dead Poets Society on Friday night so that’ll get scratched off soon).

And I guess I should say Happy Halloween, shouldn’t I? I’ll be spending the evening dressed up as a yogi in expensive black stretchy pants at lululemon—I hope you’re all doing something much more exciting than I am.

The intro to November’s Lent: Be a Bookworm, will be headed your way soon, as it something else that I’m super excited about, eee!

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