Oh boy, so let’s be honest here—I’ve been 100% slacking when it comes to my movie watching. In fact, if I’m really being honest, I haven’t watched one in…over a week. Gulp.

Here’s what I have to say for myself (i.e. here’s my mediocre excuse): For a good chunk of last week/weekend I was away in NYC visiting Dan’s family and friends, then down to Virginia for my old pal Lindsy’s wedding, then up to the DC area to visit my other old pal Amanda and her little bundle of adorable/daughter Eleanor, then back for another night in NYC before returning home to Boston. Phew, right?

Then of course when I got back I had about 100 things to catch up on, and a training for work, and so on and so on…

So yeah, now that I’ve vented my excuses, it’s time to get back on it.

10 movies in 13 days, can I do this? Yes I can! Maybe…

A visual journey of what I was doing instead of watching movies:

Watching these 2 lovely ladies tie the knot…
Having a mini 14 Thurston reunion with 2 of my all-time favorite roomies…
Eating as many NY bagels as possible….
and enjoying some seriously scenic highway driving.

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