Pulp Fiction: The Drinking Game *Update*, and October’s Lent

Maybe I should have called it, “Pulp Fiction: The Blackout Game” instead, because omg, they certainly say the F word enough times in that movie. I tried to stick with the rules which included: drinking every time someone gets killed, does drugs, and says “Fuck”, “Chopper”, or “Motorcycle”, but when my beer was already empty about 15 minutes in, I decided to call it quits before I ended up in a pumpkin ale induced coma.

All in all though, I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I would, and was only moderately frightened. I feel like the really uncomfortable scenes were scattered throughout, rather than constantly bombarding you like they were in Fight Club. Plus, the upbeat soundtrack provided some much needed levity.

And um, if you’ve been keeping tally of my movie watching, you’re probably aware that it’s October 2nd and I’ve only watch 5 of my 10 in 21. Whoops? Can I use the excuse that my bestie got married this month and I was a little busier than usual? Or that I started this challenge 10 days late?

Because I’ve clearly still got some work to do, and because the movie challenge was such a great idea, I’ve decided to extend this lent into October and add 10 more to the bunch (seems that 2 month lents are the 12MOL trend of 2012).

I haven’t decided which movies to watch yet, but I’m open for suggestions. This is your chance guys, what are 10 more “must-see” (more like “must-have-seen”) movies that I should add to my list?

Me and bridie, proof that I was indeed busy being a Maid of Honor all September long.

4 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction: The Drinking Game *Update*, and October’s Lent

  1. Dead Poets Society is a great suggestion! I'm putting my two cents in with Reality Bites and Cry Baby. I happen to own both of these, if you're looking for a movie night…

  2. Here are some of my faves (I own if you'd like to borrow):-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-Lost In Translation-Be Kind, Rewind-Stranger Than Fiction-Being John Malkovich

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