Fight Club: A Review By Someone Who Doesn’t Like Movies and Who Knows Nothing About Them

So, um, I watched Fight Club last night…


Yeah, well, considering that I’m a total girl and that I hate fighting, violence, and watching or even thinking about anything that’s effed up, I’m not really surprised that I didn’t love this one. I’m also not surprised that I had to look away for about 25% of it.

It started out good enough. There was a guy who hated his mundane job (been there, check!), he had lots of furniture from Ikea (I love Ikea too, I can relate to this!), then there were funny scenes of support groups and Meat Loaf was there too, and there were even a few notable quotes from Brad Pitt’s character like:

“The things you own end up owning you”, and “Working jobs we hate so we can buy things we don’t need”.

And I was introduced to the term, “Single Serving Friend”: A friend you meet once, for example on a plane, and never see again. Brilliant.

But then it sort of went downhill from there for me. Lots of fighting and disfiguring and dismembering and other repulsive things that totally grossed me out. I’m pretty sure the horrified look on my face made it look like I was getting the shit kicked out of me too.

I get the whole “abandoning consumer culture” thing, and that’s great and all, but for me, the most redeeming part of the movie was when everything blew up in the end and The Pixies started playing. At least The Pixies were there to save me (and Fanne too, who apparently loves movies because she sat 2″ from my face the entire time).

So, that’s that, I guess. 1 down and 9 to go. I hope my poor, movie-loving boyfriend can handle putting up with my asinine commentary and general disdain for the rest of the month. Oh boy…

2 thoughts on “Fight Club: A Review By Someone Who Doesn’t Like Movies and Who Knows Nothing About Them

  1. Danne, you may want to think twice about Pulp Fiction, as great as it is, I'm just saving two hours of your life. I've got Ferris Bueller's Day Off, that sounds more your speed (Sorry Dan)

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