The Wallet Diet: Over and Out

Well, it looks like somehow it’s September already and that my miserly living, money-saving, Wallet Diet challenge can officially come to a close—or at least, I wish it could come to a close. Through all the scrimping and saving that I did this month, one thing that I discovered was that unfortunately, at this point in my financial times, $100 a week is all I really should be spending if I want to stay on track. Hmpf…

But the good news? It actually wasn’t that all that hard to live off $100 a week. Once I regulated my grocery expenditures, stopped eating out, bought a month-long supply of 3 Buck Chuck, found a less expensive litter that I liked (I mean, that Fanne liked), filled up at the cheapest gas station, froze my credit card spending, and generally just curbed my impulse purchases and paid much more attention to where my money was going, I got by on a lot less than I thought I could. I even had extra money each week, which admittedly, all went to lululemon. Hey, we all have our vices, right?

So now what? I’m sticking with this one, at least for a while because it definitely whipped me back into financial shape. My credit card is staying in the freezer, my budget is staying at $100 a week, and I’m going to continue to be critical and smart about my spending.  The Wallet Diet isn’t a “fad diet”—it’s more like a way of life.

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration to kick-start your own money-saving challenge, here’s a great list that I found today on the 50 Best Money-Saving Blogs

Next Up? “Do What’s Right” September. Crytpic, I know…

2 thoughts on “The Wallet Diet: Over and Out

  1. Love it! I wish my extra dollars didn't go to Lulu, but we have the same vice! I've been trying to live on $100 per week as well and am noticing that it is all about the impulse purchases. I can't believe how much random stuff I buy without even noticing it! Thanks for sharing! It can be done!

  2. All about the impulse purchases is right! Seriously, I felt like half the time that I was buying something it was just because I felt like buying something, not because I desperately wanted it. And by not having my credit card in my wallet, I noticed how many impulse purchases I would have made if it was there. I consider myself to be pretty self-aware but it was definitely eye-opening…The important thing though is that there's no regret for not buying all those things over the course of the month. I actually feel much better for having saved the money.

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