Budget Blackout Period

Did I mention at the beginning of this month that my best friend’s bachelorette party was going to fall right in the middle of The Wallet Diet challenge? Yikes, major budget buster, right? In most cases yes, but luckily I knew this was coming up, so I assigned it a separate budget (a lot less fun would have been had if I had tried to work it into my weekly $100), and one of my bestie’s pet peeves is “expensive bachelorette parties”. Total win. We were able to plan something that was super fun and also super affordable, and I made it out of the weekend financially alive…and maybe a little hungover.

My budget blackout period is over now though, and I’m back on track for week 3. I’ve been a good little miser too and have only gone over my weekly budget by about $6 to date, and my credit card has remained in the freezer (where I think it might take up permanent residence). Not bad, eh?

The bride to be, in my new favorite photo of all time…
Me and Sondra

Bachelorette cookies made by our friend Amy

and this about sums it up

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