And…I’m back!

I’m officially home from Wanderlust (sad face) and I feel like I need to give a brief PSA to all the yogis out there: If there’s a Wanderlust festival anywhere near you (check out Coloardo, Tahoe, and Whistler this summer), 100% go, go, go. The festival absolutely met my expectations and then totally surpassed them with amazingness. To read more about what an awesome time I had, you can check out these links to my blog posts for lululemon and watch the wrap-up video, also via lululemon:

Day 3: Another Day In Wanderland
Day 4 + Festival Wrap-Up: There’s No Place Like Wanderlust

So, what now? I’m picking up where I left off with Tuesdays With Grammy, which is somewhere around the 1930’s I believe…


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