Cool June News

Cool June News #1: For those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook and might not have seen it, 12 Months of Lent had a feature on the lululemon blog last week (eee!). You can check it out here.

Cool June News #2: lululemon is sending me to Wanderlust (a huge 4-day yoga and music festival in Vermont that starts this Thursday) as their local blogger. My first Wanderlust post went live last night and you can read it here. I’ll be blogging about my experiences all week so stay tuned for more posts to come. And, um…is this the coolest company to work for, or is this the coolest company to work for?

Cool June News #3: 12 Months of Lent is in the midst of a facelift and I’ll soon be switching over to WordPress, horray! I will post more details when we get a little closer to launch.

Bonus Cool June News #4: My boyfriend Dan had a song of his featured in a regional Mini Cooper commercial, how cool is that? You can watch it here.

And…I’m out of cool news. Since I’ll be away at Wanderlust for most of the week, Tuesdays With Grammy will be on hold—don’t worry though, there plenty more to come. I’m thinking I may even have to stretch this month into July to ensure that I cover it all. We haven’t even hit WWII yet…

Also to note, I went through and edited a few of the previous family history posts (there were a few facts that I got wrong here and there) and I added in some photos in as well. I know you’re all just dying to see what Angelo Angelo-Cola looks like…

So, I’m signing off for now, but I’ll make sure to post links to all of my Wanderlust musings on the lululemon blog when they’re live.

One thought on “Cool June News

  1. Thank you for posting on my blog! (beauty and the beets) – you have inspired me- you have no idea- I will be linking back to your blog as my inspiration for some time to come- I have picked out my first challenge for July- very excited..hope you keep blogging!!

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