Lucia Meets Eduardo

One day in Waterbury, Connecticut, Lucia and her family were dining at a local restaurant. It just so happened that Eduardo was at the same restaurant for a meal. He spotted Lucia, a pretty woman with black hair and brown eyes, and tried to make eye contact with her. She tried to ignore his many attempts, but he made a bold move and tossed a napkin into her lap, which he then went over to retrieve.

Eduardo was a fine looking man with fair skin, blue eyes, curly black hair, and a set of beautiful straight white teeth. They became acquainted and soon began to keep company. They were married later and went to Boston on their honeymoon where they had a great treat: their first taste of Boston Baked Beans.

The pair settled down in Waterbury where both had jobs. Lucia worked in a plant where kerosene lamps were made and Eduardo had a job in a comb making factory. One day while at work, some of the molten material which was used to mold the combs bubbled up and struck Eduardo in the eye. He was rushed to the hospital and for a time, feared that he would lose his sight. He eventually did recover his vision, but never returned to that job. After some discussion about better opportunities elsewhere, they left Connecticut and moved to Schenectady, NY.

Eduardo did find some work here, but nothing that paid very much money. One day while he was returning home from work on public transportation, he was approached by the police and told that he matched the description of a man who was wanted for murder. He vehemently protested his innocence, but was detained for several hours until the police investigation showed that they had the wrong man. Eduardo later saw a picture of the convicted man in the local paper and was amazed how much they resembled each other.

Eduardo and Lucia stayed in Schenectady long enough for their first child, a daughter, to be born. She was named Philomena to honor Lucia’s mother. Meanwhile, they corresponded with friends in Brockton, MA who told them of the many job opportunities available there. At this time the shoe business was booming in Brockton and there were jobs waiting for anyone who was willing to work.

And so, the small family moved to Massachusetts and settled down. They boarded with friends until they were able to save enough money to rent their own apartment…

Lucia on her wedding day

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