A Coffee Or Tea On Me

After enjoying glorious weather all weekend and my first beach day of the season (thanks Hank and Ashley!), it was hard not to be bummed about the return of the rain these past few days. Since today was particularly gloomy, I thought it would be a good chance to drop a little microphilanthropy on someone to (hopefully) brighten their day.

On my way into work, I stopped at the Nordstrom Cafe and asked the girl at the register to give this to “the next nice person who orders something for $2”. Luckily she didn’t look at me like I was weirdo, and she even smiled and said, “I do this all the time when I go through the tolls”. Maybe there’s hope for humanity yet.

And there’s still $16.25 to go before next Friday. Ideas anyone?

One thought on “A Coffee Or Tea On Me

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