Library Love Notes

After I blew through 1/6 of my $30 microphilanthropy budget last week voting for the cats, I knew I needed to cool it for a few days before making my next move. It’s easy finding good causes to donate to, but it’s definitely a challenge giving money away in such small increments. What to do next…

When I was researching ideas for this month, I remember reading a story about a woman who tucked money away in a book that she donated with a little note attached. I though this was a cute idea (who wouldn’t be psyched to find a surprise like that?), so today, I headed over to the library and left a few bills with Post-its attached in selected books:

In a book about finding your first job out of college.      

In the coffee shop section of a travel book

$22 to go for the month (and still looking for ideas on how to give away tiny amounts of money, open for suggestions!).

7 thoughts on “Library Love Notes

  1. This is so gorgeous! I'm a big fan of paying it forward (leaving my spare concert ticket at the counter for the next person in line etc) and think your dollar in the book move is wonderful! I love the way you think.

  2. thanks meg!it's funny too, even though i was doing something nice, there was definitely a part of me that felt like i was doing something wrong sneaking around the library and hiding little notes in books haha

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