Microphilanthropy May

Up until a few days ago, my May Lent was totally up in the air. I had a few ideas up my sleeve, but nothing that I was super psyched about. Anxious to find an idea that really resonated, I decided to check in with the folks over at GOOD to get some challenge inspiration from them (they do a monthly 30-day challenge as well). After poking around for a bit, I stumbled on this one: Creative Microphilanthropy. This video (that Blogger is cropping off, thanks a lot) explains what it’s all about:

Cool, right? I definitely don’t have money to burn (let’s be honest here, I work at the mall), but I can certainly scrounge up $30 to give away over the course of the month. I have a few ideas to get me started, but I need your help too. Any ideas for how to creatively give away small amounts of money? Your suggestions are much appreciated, thanks guys!

2 thoughts on “Microphilanthropy May

  1. i always get the urge to buy a treat for kids when there parents are telling them they don't have the money for it. a piece of candy or a little trinket or something small.

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