April Unplugged: Wrap-Up

Wait, it’s May 1st already? Is that all there is to April Unplugged? Cue Peggy Lee (sorry, I’ll never get tired of this).

So, I guess this is it. My technology vacation is over. I’m officially off of internet arrest. My iPhone can come out of its sleeping bag. One word to describe how I feel about this? Bummer.

Like I wrote about the other day, I’m usually more than ready to let go of whatever restriction I’ve placed on myself, but this month is a little different. I really liked my limited tech time. Only checking email twice a day was kind of life changing. No technology after 10 was great. And I absolutely loved Sunday Sabbaths. So, what now?

I do what i try to do every month and take a little bit of my challenge with me back into my “normal” life. So, to keep my shoulders from stiffening back up and my brain from always operating in panic mode, here are the technology limitations that I’m attempting to implement in my life:

1. Only check email twice a day, 3 times max.
2. No technology after 10, work related or not (except for a little House Hunters International here and there—the only thing I missed this month).
3. Only check my phone when there’s a reason to, i.e. hearing it ring or beep, or if I’m expecting a call or message from someone.
4. Make an effort to keep up with a “Sabbath” day once a week.

And that’s it guys. I’ll leave you with a quote I read last night in “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta:

“Focus on less to become more effective. Focus on one goal in order to achieve it. Focus on the task at hand instead of multitasking and you’ll be more productive. Focus on the present to reduce anxiety and stress”.

Next Up? Microphilanthropy May.

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