This Week’s Revelations

Typically when I give something up for one of my “Lents”, it takes me a little time to adjust. The first few days are full of cravings and fighting my knee-jerk reactions until I’ve gone through the initial withdrawal and adapted to my new way of life. This month has been different though. I adjusted to my tech-limited Lent almost instantly, and there isn’t one teeny, tiny part of me that misses checking my email more than twice a day or knowing that I’ve read every single status update in my news feed.

In all honestly, I feel like I’m on vacation (and that’s saying a lot considering that I’m still working full-time and that we’re in the middle of a rainy New England spring). Best. Lent. Ever.

A Few of This Week’s Tech-Detox Revelations

1. The incessant busyness that used to consume all of my waking hours was entirely an illusion. Being online all day makes you feel busy–even if you’re just looking at pretty pictures and sending links of stupid videos to your friends. Limiting my tech time has made my schedule feel a lot more open and my time (not to mention my mind) a lot more free.

2. You are only as available and as busy as you allow yourself to be. Learn to say no to other people, and to yourself for that matter. Most emails can wait a few hours for a response. Most things can wait until until business hours resume to take care of.

3. A relaxed mind is a creative mind (thanks to my Yogi Tea for this one) . When you limit distractions and allow yourself to just be is when the ideas begin to flow naturally. Ever wonder why the best ideas come to you in the shower? It’s all over when they come out with a waterproof iPhone…

Definitely unlike last month’s challenge when I was chomping at the bits (almost literally) for the month to be over, I’m a little sad that there’s only a week left of my technology detox. Who’s ever really ready for “vacation” to be over though? Sigh…

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Revelations

  1. Yes! I love yogi tea for this one. Totally true. I came back from my first real vacation in over two years feeling alive again! The craziest part was the realization that when I'm stressed I don't dream! One of many reasons to turn off the itelephone after 8pm each night.

  2. real vacations are the best and totally essential to well being. where'd you guys go? i heard some really disturbing fact the other day that something like only 50% of americans actually use all of their vacation time. really? someone wants to pay you to not go to work and you decide to go into the office anyway? really america?

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