The Technology Tally

For the few days leading up to the start of my technology detox, I decided to keep a “technology tally”, a little list noting every time I interacted with the internet or some sort of media device. It’s kind of embarrassing to share my results with the world (although I’m sure most of my friends would have similar counts…right guys?) but here goes:

Danne’s Technology Tally—The Results

Email: On average, I check my email (gulp) 14 times a day and spend about 68 minutes reading and writing emails.

Facebook: I check Facebook about 10 times a day and spend around 28 minutes poking around on the site.

Phone: On average I send 11 text message and receive 9 per day. Not terrible, but this one’s pretty bad: I check my phone, i.e., pick it up to see if I’ve received some sort of notification…23 times a day. Really?

So um, there’s a lot to improve on. I wasn’t so upset with the amount of time I was spending checking these things, but I was at the frequency. There’s really no need for me to check my email every half an hour, and picking up the phone every 10 minutes to see if someone’s trying to get in touch with me is totally unnecessary (especially because 9 times out of 10 there was no message or missed call).

Onwards and upwards though, and I’m super excited for my first weekly “Sabbath” tomorrow where I’ll go 100% technology free for the entire day (it certainly helps that it’s a holiday and I won’t be home for most of the day, baby steps though, baby steps).

and p.s. Real Lent officially ends tomorrow so expect a photo of me swimming in a pool of Gowell’s jelly beans first thing Monday morning. YES.

Wishing a Happy Easter and Passover to all.


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