April Unplugged

After last month’s dietary detox, I thought I’d keep with the detox theme and give another kind of detox a try: a technology detox. Between my MacBook and my iPhone, my Gmail accounts, and my Facebook page (just to name a few), my day somehow always becomes consumed by keeping up with technology, technology that I willingly subscribe to, mind you.

While I’m not that bad (my brother’s generation definitely needs an intervention), the constant reminder that I’m missing out on something in the online world doesn’t sit well with my Type-A, To-Do-List-Loving, I-Need-To-Be-On-Top-Of-Everything personality. Those annoying little red circles on my iPhone taunt me, always pushing me to make sure I’m updated and informed, on top of everything and in the know.

In reality though, it stresses me out more than it helps me out and it’s time to rein myself in. This month is all about unplugging a bit and limiting how much control I allow technology to have in my life. I’m not totally going off the grid here (I have responsibilities, personally and for work, that require me to be somewhat connected) but I do have some rules to go by:

April Unplugged—The Rules

1. I can only check Email and Facebook twice a day (when I reveal the technology tally that I’ve been keeping for the past few days you’ll see what a drastic cutback this is).

2. I have 1 hour of non-work related screen time a day (this includes checking Email & FB, and anytime spent watching TV).

3. The bedroom and the dinner table (and breakfast table and lunch table) are media-free zones.

4. No multi-tasking with technology (ie. checking my phone at stop lights, on the bus, while walking to my car, and etc.). All interactions with technology will have a purpose that’s more than just passing time.

5. No technology (work-related or not) after 10pm.

6. One day a week I’ll go totally technology-free, taking a cue from The Sabbath Manifesto. No computer time, no TV time, no texting, nothing. I will however keep my phone on for emergencies.

So, if you need me this month, I’d suggest giving me a call. The internet and I are on a trial separation.

p.s. I’m aware that it’s after 10 and I’m posting this. Cheating already, tisk tisk…
p.p.s. I”ll have a new April Unplugged header up by tomorrow, promise!

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