I Love Nashville

I’m back! I’ve got a little tan from the southern sun (it was in the 80’s the whole time we were there), a little twang in my voice (don’t I wish), and the song that Dan recorded permanently implanted in my brain (in the best way possible, of course). I’ll sum up the trip in 3 words for you: I Love Nashville.

But if you’re looking for a little bit more, here’s a collection of some of my favorite “Polaroid” shots that I took with my iPhone.

Be warned—I had an impossible time narrowing this down to a reasonable number of photos so get ready to scroll…

En route to Nashville. Being on the other side of the clouds is still a little amazing to me…

Night 1: We got right to it and hit up Broadway’s famed Honkey Tonks. You quickly find out why they call Nashville Music City, every bar, every day of the week, every time of day, has live music.

There’s an incredible amount of neon signs. I love this one for Ernest Tub Record Shop.

An awesome cardboard cutout of Ernest inside the store…

I bought my first pair of cowboy boots here at Boot Country when I was 18 and on a road trip with my friend Suzanne.

I made Dan try on a pair. When in Rome…

I stopped by to visit my fellow lulu ladies at the Hillsboro Pike store.

Through a funny chain of events (Read: Our original hotel reservation magically disappearing on a weekend where practically every place in the entire city was booked) we ended up here, at the Gaylord Hotels and Convention Center, the largest resort outside of Vegas haha.

The hotel was literally the largest building I’ve ever seen in my life. This is the indoor rainforest with restaurants and bars nestled inside of it.

A shot of the band at The Family Wash, a cozy little bar/restaurant in East Nashville.

Always a sucker for shots like this…

Best name ever, best bagels ever. Well, outside of Long Island at least.

An overhead shot of a corner of the recording studio.

I couldn’t stop photographing all of the eclectic objects all over this place.

Gotta love the south…

The boys at work

Matthew and Dan

Don’t forget aboutawagis!

Lunch break!

and I’m also a sucker for shots like this…


Studio essentials…

I managed to fit in a yoga class at this lovely Nashville studio, Steadfast and True Yoga.

Nashville, Tennessee: Home to the world’s only full scale replica of The Parthenon. What?

Welcome to states where Happy Hour isn’t illegal.

Oops, I cheated on lent. Again.

Well worth waiting in the line that wrapped around the block…

Walls and walls of gold records at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Historic Hatch Show Print

A glimpse into the shop…

You know these posters…

Enough said.

Last minute stop for some BBQ

This whole plate of food was gone about 23 seconds later.

One of the most fun streets in America.

And we’re off…

I’ll be sure to post a link to Dan’s song (it still needs to be mixed and mastered) and the little documentary that we’re making once everything is all done.

Tomorrow I’ll unveil my next lent: April Unplugged.


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