My Cleanse Review: Slim Fast Probably Tastes A Lot Better Than Beet Soup

After Thursday’s obligatory carbohydrate and wine binge (which was totally awesome, btw), I’ve leveled off a bit and am back to eating “normally”. I’m still holding true to my real Lent of going sans-sweets until Easter, but other than sugar, I haven’t been limiting myself as strictly as I was before. Major sigh of relief…

So now that I’m about 5 days out, what’s the verdict? Would I recommend this cleanse? Do I feel amazing? Was it worth it? Was it expensive? Doable?

In Short: Yes, I’d recommend it. No, I don’t feel amazing, but I definitely feel good. Yes, it was 100% worth it for me. No, it wasn’t too expensive. And yes, it’s definitely doable, a lot of work, but doable.

The Whole Story: As much as I bitched and moaned, I’m really glad I did this cleanse. I was at an absolute low point with my eating habits and this was probably the only thing that could have pulled me out. Be warned though, if you’re thinking of trying this yourself you need to really want to do it or you probably won’t last past the first few days. The first week (where you literally just eat fruits and vegetables) is rough, mentally and physically, and you’ll have no reason to stick with it unless you’re really committed. Make it through that week though, and you’re golden. You’ll come out of the whole thing with a slew of healthy recipes, better eating habits, and a few pounds lighter than before. Plus, everything you’ve been denying yourself will taste more delicious than it ever has. You have no idea how good that bagel was…

But how do I feel? Amazing, incredible, better than I ever have? Honestly, not really. I feel good, don’t get me wrong, but not much better than I did before. I did like the feeling of “lightness” that I had for those few weeks, but I was surprised how much better and more satiated I felt once I started introducing foods like bread and dairy back into my diet. What felt the best though, was knowing the whole time that I was eating such wholesome, nutrient-rich meals. The 3-week vacation from eater’s remorse was definitely nice.

And as far as the logistics go, it really isn’t too expensive. Sure you’re buying an insane amount of produce, but you’re not eating out, and you’re not spending any money on alcohol—2 things that can end up costing a ton. And while it’s certainly easier to have a partner in crime in all of this, you can alter the recipes to only serve one (most do anyways) or just make the full batch and have leftovers (and let me tell you, leftovers are amazing when you have to prepare every meal for yourself).

So, To Sum It Up: Do it if you need a dietary reboot and love testing your willpower. Don’t do it if you’re just looking to “detox” or lose a few pounds. Slim Fast probably tastes a lot better than beet soup…

My Biggest Takeaways:
1. Bread doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of every meal.
2. That being said, I will never go on the Atkins Diet or become a vegan. Bread and dairy work well for my body (and it certainly was a relief finding that out).
3. Meal planning is life changing.
4. Dried fruit satisfies a sugar craving just fine.
5. Having healthy snacks prepared will save you from binging on junk.
6. It’s always worth the extra effort to cook a meal—no matter how tired and cranky you are.

So, what now? I’ve got something fun planned for the last week of March and I’m working on finalizing the details for April’s Lent.

As always, more to come.

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