60 Days Later…

I might as well just cut to the chase and let you all know that after 60 days and countless hours of work and computer frustrations, http://www.justdanne.com will not be launching today as promised. I know, I know, I said there were no ifs ands or buts about my deadline, but I’m a busy gal and I just couldn’t get it all done in time. What can you do?

Although it’s not live and clickable like it should be, I’m at least happy to report that the design is 100% finished (images below to prove that I’ve actually done something over these past few months), and for me that’s a huge (more like monumental) step forward.

Now I’m just finishing up prepping the files for programming so I can ship everything off to the developer (there was a moment when I thought I’d try to program it myself—hahahahaha). If everything goes smoothly, this girl will have herself a real, live website soon. Better late then never, right?

Work page

When a project is clicked

Services page

About page

Contact page

So, what’s up for March’s Lent? I’ll be celebrating my second Fat Tuesday tonight (or should I say, Fat Wednesday) because tomorrow kicks off “The 21 Day Cleanse”. Goodbye pasta and Pinot, sigh…

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