Today was my first real website workday after the Great Computer Crash of 2012, and I picked up right where I left off: wireframing the site.

For all my non-design readers, once you have all of your content determined (what sections your website will have, text, images, etc.) wireframes are a way to organize everything in a rough, non-designed layout so that you have everything mapped out before you move into the design phase. A sort-of road map for when you’re ready to start applying all the stylistic elements. I’ll attach what I worked on today so you can get a better idea:

“Work” Page

“Individual Project” Page

“Services” Page

“About” Page

“Contact” Page

Next Step: Now that everything is all mapped out, it’s time to figure out what the site actually looks like. I finished all my “Just Danne” branding (logo, colors, typography) over the summer so I’m hoping that the design phase will move along pretty quickly (which it has to with less than 2 weeks until launch).

Back to work!

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