A Minor (let’s hope so) Setback

Picture this: It’s last Thursday afternoon. I’m sipping tea in my study, making serious progress on my justdanne.com to-do list for the day. I take a break for a second to check iCal and the computer freezes. I give it a minute to regroup, but the rainbow circle of death is still spinning. At this point I decide it’s time to shut it down and restart, but when I boot it back up this is what I see:


Reaction #2: Are you serious? 3 hours into my first day of work on the website that I’ve been procrastinating getting done for the last 6 years and my computer, which I’ve NEVER had a problem with before, crashes? No seriously, are you serious?

After a trip to the genius bar on Friday it looks like the logic board on my little friend is kaput and I’ll be computer-less for the next week or so while it’s off being repaired. I’m not really sure what to do about this as far as my website goes because there really isn’t much I can work on without my computer, and especially without access to my files (which are backed up for the most part), so I’m just going to take this as a cue from the universe to keep it analog for a bit.

Que sera, sera, right?


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