DIY Cranberry Candle Jars

Ok, ok, so this might have been a more appropriate post last week, you know, before Christmas, but since I didn’t even have time to wrap my Christmas gifts (that’s what friends are for, thanks Sondra!), I just got around to putting these together tonight.

Um, easiest DIY project ever.

You basically just take a mason jar (luckily I have about 20 million), add some greens (I used pine) and a handful of cranberries, fill the jar with water, and drop in a floating candle (I ordered the candles from Amazon). Voilà, that’s it!

Although I’m pretty sure these were intended to be made as a decoration for Christmas, I think they’re pretty enough to be kept around for a few weeks longer. Hey, I make the rules here, right? Seasonal decorations it is!

On a side note, I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season. I’ve been very busy (I told a co-worker the other day, in all honesty too, that “I don’t remember what I used to think about when I had time to think about things” haha), but have found time in between food comas to spend time with family and friends. Enjoy this last week of 2011 and stay tuned for more DIY projects to come!


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