Save Eat More Kale!

A few days ago I heard this piece on NPR called Chicken Vs. Kale: Artist Fights Chick-fil-A Suit. If you’re not familiar with Eat More Kale, it’s a small t-shirt business run out of Vermont by Bo Muller-Moore. He makes t-shirts and bumper stickers (I have one on my car) with the slogan “Eat More Kale” on them to promote the super food and support sustainable agriculture. When he tried to apply for a federal trademark over the summer, Chick-fil-A, a multi-million dollar fast food chain, accused him of infringing on their trademark, “Eat Mor Chikin.” and demanded that he stop production and turn over all of his t-shirts to them. Chick-fil-A’s “alleges that Eat More Kale confuses Chick-fil-A customers and dilutes its multi-million dollar industry.” Are you serious? Confuse kale with chicken? Is that even possible?

Since it’s clearly just a case of corporate bullying, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is on the case and set up the Eat More Kale Legal Fund, where people can buy “Team Kale” merch to help support Bo’s legal fees as he takes on this corporate giant. is also hosting a petition that I encourage all of you to take a minute to sign:

Sign the Petition to Save Eat More Kale

I love Eat More Kale and I think that Bo’s a great guy. When I did an Eat More Kale lent back in July of 2010, I wrote to him and he sent me a bunch of bumper stickers with a nice note back. It’s absolutely absurd to me that Chick-fil-A is taking it this far and I really hope that all this does is boost Bo’s business.

This is my favorite quote on the matter which comes from Gov. Shumlin:

“Don’t mess with Vermont. Don’t mess with kale. And, Chick-fil-A, get out of the way because we are going to win this one”

You’d better believe I’m ordering some Team Kale merch

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