Wild and Scenic Watertown, Massachusetts

Ok, so I might be exaggerating a bit with the “wild” part, but Watertown is looking pretty good right about now. The foliage is a little later than usual this year, and the trees along the Charles looked too beautiful for me not to stop and snap a few shots when I was passing by yesterday afternoon:

Behold, the glory of Watertown in the fall:


3 thoughts on “Wild and Scenic Watertown, Massachusetts

  1. Wow! Watertown is so beautiful! I am from Houston where the season fall doesn't even exist… So I am impressed! Also – I love your blog. I am now sufficiently inspired to copy you!

  2. Awww such a bummer that you don't get to experience the magic of a New England fall Jamie, but hey, at least you don't have to deal with our endless winters. Glad you found my blog, let me know if you take on any "Lents" of your own!

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