November’s Lent: I Love Watertown

For those of you who don’t know, I live just outside of Boston in the suburb of Watertown, or as I like to call it: The Best Town in America. Since moving here in 2006, my affinity for this place has just grown and grown (just ask my friends, they hear about it all the time). It’s super convenient to get into the city, but being right on the Charles, it’s just as easy to feel like you’re far away from one too. Not only do we have the best grocery store (Russo’s) and Diner (Deluxe Town) around, but my favorite part about this town has always been how old-fashioned it feels. It’s somehow maintained the small town, friendly-neighborhood feel of the 1950’s, and it’s really refreshing to find that so close to a big city.

Since I’m clearly a pretty big Watertown fan and because I’ve lived here for a while now (just over 5 years), I decided that it was time to get a little more involved in my community, so I’m dedicating this month to really immersing myself in the local Watertown culture. How so you ask? Here are my November goals:

1. Go to one community event a week (Town Council Meetings, this weekend’s 5K for the Boys and Girls club…)

2. Visit at least one new Watertown establishment a week (The Armenian Museum, local restaurants and bars, historical sites…)

3. Shop locally to support all of our wonderful mom and pop businesses.

4. Write Yelp reviews about all of my Watertown favorites.

5. Take part in a local community service event.

6. Learn more about Watertown’s history (I actually signed up for a history of Watertown class which I’m totally psyched about).

7. Design funny Watertown pride things like t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Stay tuned and send suggestions if you have them!


5 thoughts on “November’s Lent: I Love Watertown

  1. great ideas! i live in and love denver and feel kiiiind of active in the community. i volunteer and check out local events but i'd love to learn more about the history and make time to go to the museums/capitol/landmarks. also – i use yelp for EVERYTHING so it's great to write reviews of the places you love! my choices are definitely swayed by positive reviews and i usually will try whatever food most of the reviewers recommend. way to share your love! 🙂

  2. it's funny how when you live in a place, you never really get around to doing the touristy things (not that watertown is full of tourist attractions, but still…). and yes, yelp is definitely a decision maker nowadays so it's important to help out your favorite local businesses. i'll definitely hit you up for advice if i'm ever in the denver area!

  3. danne, your love for watertown is certainly strong! love this post, love your new design for the month, and can't wait to hear about your watertown adventures! we should have brunch at the diner together this month…it's been a while! 🙂

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