The Memento Works

I just stumbled upon this site, The Memento Works. Basically, you snail mail them your cherished sentimental objects and they beautifully photograph (and frame) them for you, before mailing them back. Although I love the underlying concept, I might be a little hesitant to send my favorite possessions off to a stranger. An interesting concept nonetheless.

It reminds me a bit of a project that I worked on a few years ago where I photographed people’s prized possessions, the things that they would save in a fire if their house were burning down. I’d go to their houses and arrange a still life of their objects, and then shoot with a 4×5 view camera.

Then of course, a few years later a friend sent me a link to this project, The Burning House, which is essentially the same idea. Drats, someone beat me to it. I should at least submit my personal still life, right?

The things that I would save in a fire. Excuse the poor quality, but I’m so old fashioned that this is a digital shot of my c-print haha

3 thoughts on “The Memento Works

  1. Hey There Danne,I came across your lovely mention of The Memento Works here on your blog. Thank you for mentioning us! Just to assuage any worry, I've been a commercial and edititorial photographer (think Bon Appetit, Real Simple, Woman's Day, etc) for a super long time. I carry big insurance for every item that comes to our studio and even more importantly I treat everything as the most important item that I've ever handled. We encourage sending items via a trackable carrier, such as Fed EX or UPS and only use the same to return your treasure and your framed image. We love what we do and know our clients love their treasures, we make sure they get home safely! Big Thanks and Best Wishes & we love your What would you Save project. Very cool idea.

  2. Thanks for your comment Susan. I imagine your site wouldn't be so popular if you didn't off insurance and traceable shipping, glad to hear you treat everything with such care! Love your project, and beautiful photos!

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