The Work Week Slump

When I was dreaming up this month’s lent, I had visions (more like delusions) of carrying my camera around with me everywhere, snapping shots of whatever caught my eye, photo documenting my entire month frame by frame (ha!). While I’ve definitely shot more this month than I have in the previous 9 months of the year combined, I’ve fallen victim to the work week slump. As good as my intentions are, it’s just really hard to get in a lot after work, especially now that the daylight hours are dwindling (and especially because I really only like shooting during golden hour).

So, since we’re already halfway through October and I don’t want to see the rest of the month slip away to the slump, I’ve decided to give myself some weeknight homework to stay productive during my non-shooting days:

1. I’m going to read the entire Nikon D80 manual, cover to cover.

2. I’m going to watch some technical tutorials online (any suggestions?) and catch up with my favorite photo blogs.

3. I’m going to brush up on my night photography skills and finally get some pictures of one of my favorite local phenomenons: Weird Watertown storefronts at night. If anyone knows the area, you know what I’m talking about. Does anyone have any good night photography advice/resources for me?

And since I haven’t picked up the camera since Grammy’s house and I can’t really justify having a photo-less post this month, I’ll leave you with this shot that I took in 2006 while on vacation in St. Maarten. Crazy, huh?

One thought on “The Work Week Slump

  1. I'm sorry to say that I have no recommendations to make, but as I'm about to have a couple of days free (almost there) and I would be very interested in watching a few tutorials if you find any good ones!

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