To Grammy’s House I Go

As I mentioned yesterday, my 91 year old Grandma Helen’s house is one of my favorite places to photograph. She’s been living in her 103 year old home in Brockton, MA since the early 1940’s, and her house tells the history of her life, and of our family, through the possessions that adorn it.

I’ve photographed her house numerous times over the years, but it’s definitely been a while, so I was excited to pay her a visit during photography month. In between stories of my Italian ancestors and brushing up on current affairs (she knows as much about what’s going on in politics as she does about Dancing With the Stars), I managed to snap a few shots when the light was hitting the dining room just so.

The house where I’ve spent almost every holiday of my life

Grammy’s hutch

A family portrait that my mom drew (and Grammy had put onto a plate) when she was a child

A photograph of my Aunt Carol (who passed away from Lupus 8 years ago) and my Uncle George at my parents wedding in 1978

I’d love to say that I took a photo of Grammy today, but I’m pretty sure that this one from 1975 is the last time that she allowed a photograph to be taken of her, seriously…

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