Digicam in the Belmont Victory Gardens

I’m not sure if this dates me (and I’m not even that old) or just makes me sound like a total hipster, but umm, confession time…I’ve never really shot digital before. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t used a digital camera—it’s just been reserved for the more candid “hanging out” shots, whereas film has been saved for my more defined personal projects. Even in my digital photo classes in college, we shot film, scanned our negatives, and printed digitally. Again, I’m not even that old, this was only 5 years ago. It’s truly amazing how much has changed…

As much as I’ll always love film, I think that it’s probably time to get with it and figure out how to work a digital SLR. I’m not fortunate enough to own one myself, but I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who does, so this month I’m vowing I’m to navigate the analog to digital transition (or at least make some headway).

First step: Taking digicam out on a field trip.

Since I have Fridays off (working part-time is a dream come true), I had a chunk of free time this afternoon and decided to pack up digicam and take Helga II (my car, apparently I love naming inanimate objects) out for a drive until I found something compelling enough to stop for. Driving through Belmont during golden hour (the most glorious time of day), I decided to pull over at the Rock Meadow Conservation Area. Hoping I’d get a few magically lit shots of some suburban agriculture, I trotted down the first path I saw and was lucky enough to stumble upon the Belmont Victory Gardens. Total goldmine.

While I’m definitely still trying to figure out the mechanics of the camera, I had fun just poking around and trying to get back in the swing of things. As expected, I was drawn to the personalization of each garden’s individual space. How the owner adorned their tiny piece of land and left their personal stamp on it. Below are a few of my favorite shots:


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