September Wrap-Up and October’s Lent

Last month’s challenge from GOOD was all about connecting with people, and that I did. Out of the 30 mini-challenges that they presented me with, I was able to complete 26, only missing 4, go me! I sent postcards and thank-you notes, reconnected with old friends, strengthened existing connections, talked to strangers, complimented strangers, fed a stranger, high-fived, bought a gift for a friend, made a gift for another, lunched with a co-worker, lent out a book, asked for advice (I’m still taking suggestions btw), baked for my neighbors, and thanked my old teachers. Phew…now I’m exhausted (but also very well connected, thanks GOOD!).

After a month that was so externally focused, this month I’ll be switching gears a bit and working on something that’s a little more personal. For October’s lent I plan on rediscovering one of my lost loves: photography.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but I really fell in love with photography in college. The second that my schedule opened up and I had space for an elective, I signed myself up for black and white darkroom and I was hooked. Many more photo elective classes and BFA (in design, not photo) later, I found myself enrolled in Continuing Education classes at the Museum School, learning how to use a view camera (sigh) and the color darkroom (bigger sigh).

But ask me what I’ve photographed lately and I’ll tell you, “not much”. Why? Didn’t I love this? Wasn’t I seriously considering going back for an MFA? No excuses this month Danne, I’m kick starting myself back into action and sharing what I shoot here. I don’t have any defined rules really, just get out there and make some pictures. You up for a photo date Amanda E?

A photo that I took at age 3 of my lovely Mum. On the back it reads “Danne’s First Photo”

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