Challenges #13, 14, 16, 22, 24, and 27, BAM!

I am on a roll! I must have been saving up my lenting energy over vacation last week, because I’ve been crossing things off my master challenge list like a maniac since I’ve been home. In addition to the challenges that I wrote about in my previous 2 posts, here are a few other things I’ve checked-off:

Challenge #13: Call Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Years. I called one of my old pals from my days at Hy-Line Cruises, Dan Schermerhorn. It was nice to catch up and we even made some tentative plans to get together in the near future. Hi Dan!

Challenge #16: Leave Someone a Thank You Note: After obtaining my 4th job in 5 years from my college’s Career Services office, I decided to write them a thank-you note to let them know how awesome they are. Fellow MassArt grads, if you ever need a job, look here first, the MassArt alumni network is an invaluable resource.

Challenge #14: Say Hi to 3 Strangers: Sounds easy, right? But how many times a days do we walk by people and look right past them? On the way to the mailbox to mail my thank-you to MassArt, I made an effort to say hello to everyone I passed along the way. Why is it that we’re taught to ignore strangers we pass on the street? Is this a New England thing?

Challenge #22: Ask for Someone’s Advice, and Take It: I’m leaving this one up to my 12MOL friends: What are some ideas for future lents? I have October and November lined up, but I’d love some advice on something you think I should do in December. Any ideas?

On an advice related side note, I found this awesome site
Elder Wisdom Circle, in my latest issue of Whole Living magazine. It’s “a group of more than 600 advisers, age 60 to 105, who offer free one-on-one advice online”. So cool! Also, my friend Amy started an advice blog that everyone should check out: Let’s Be Honest Advice.

Challenge #24: Go to a Neighborhood Business You’ve Never Been to: Since I obviously love supporting local Watertown businesses’, I was psyched when my yoga teacher Ben, pointed me to Maximo’s, a new takeout place on Mt. Auburn in Coolidge Square. They have great vegetarian options and I liked it so much that I went back the next day and ordered the same thing, the tofu burrito, mmm…

Challenge #27: Introduce 2 People Who Don’t Know Each Other: I’m working on organizing a craft night with 2 of my favorite crafty ladies who don’t know each other very well, Jocelyn and Marissa.

And I’m not done yet, there’s still 7 hours left in September!

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