Challenge #11: Do Something Nice for a Neighbor

Because I recently moved to a new neighborhood, I was psyched when I saw challenge #11: Do Something Nice for a Neighbor.

Sadly so, it seems that the days of greeting your new neighbor with an assortment of fresh baked goodies are long gone (although I wouldn’t put it past Donna Hamnquist to do so). Most of us, especially those of us in our transient 20’s, move from place to place, never really taking the time to get to know the people who live their lives in such close proximity to our own. I’ve lived in a number of apartments since leaving the tight-knit neighborhood of my childhood, and I have to say that I definitely miss the sense of kinship and community that comes with investing in those around you. For a generation that’s so connected, we often live a very insular lifestyle.

But back to the challenge…

There were a few chilly days before we left for Michigan, and this first peek at fall weather had me craving some home-baked treats—specifically the oatmeal-maple scones from the Flour cookbook. Even though I knew that we couldn’t (more like shouldn’t) eat 12 scones before leaving for our trip, I went ahead and made them all anyways, figuring I’d find something to do with the extras. After a successful taste test, it dawned on me that this would be a perfect way to complete my “do something nice for a neighbor” challenge. Win!

I packaged up a few of my tasty little scones in some parchment paper, tied a ribbon on top, and left them by my upstairs neighbors front door with a note. Sure, they could’ve had a food allergy or an oatmeal-maple aversion that I was unaware of, or maybe they’d just think that I was a total creep, but since they generally seem like reasonable people, I assumed that they’d at least appreciate the gesture. I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right?

In the end, I can’t say whether or not they think I’m a weirdo, but I did receive a nice thank-you message in return, so all’s well in my book. Mission #11 accomplished!

If you’re into baking, I highly recommend this recipe and the entire cookbook (which I linked to above). Everything I’ve made so far has been incredibly delicious.

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