#17: Pack a Picnic, #20: Play a Game of Badminton and #25: Fly a Kite

There’s only about a week and a half left of my summer bucket list challenge and I’m definitely scrambling to get as many things crossed off as I can. I have a busy week of summer fun ahead of me indeed, but here’s what I managed to accomplish in the last few days:

On Sunday, Dan and I met Marissa and her friend Kate at the beach where we took care of #17: Pack a Picnic, and dined on a tasty lunch of pesto tortellini salad, strawberries, granola bars, and cream soda, mmmmm…

After our picnic, it was time for my jazzy homemade kite to make it’s debut—and boy did it! Quickly nicknamed “Zippy”, this little devil not only flew, but maniacally darted through the air in nauseating patterns. Totally Awesome. I’ll post instructions on how to make your very own Zippy below, it’s well worth the effort…

Me and Zippy

Zippy was the first kite that Marissa had ever flown, yay Zippy!

I topped off the weekend’s spree of summer activities tonight by playing a fierce game of badminton with Dan on the elementary school lawn across from our house. My new $9.99 set from Target didn’t disappoint, and it’ll certainly make a few more appearances before cold weather season arrives (although who said you can’t play badminton in the house?).

Homemade Plastic Bag Kite

From Whole Living Magazine

1. Cut a bag in half on the side seam and then into an elongated diamond. Lay thin dowels in a T, tape to bag, and tape and trim ends.

2. Cut and tape 3 streaming tails (the length of the kite) to the underside.

3. Tape a small triangle (the bridle) to the other side; poke fishing line through its loose tip; knot to secure.

4. You’re ready to fly!

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