#9: Make a Summer Playlist

I have a long history of making playlists—so long that it predates the term “playlist” and goes back to the good ol’ days of mixtapes. If we were friends in high school, I’m sure you can dig up an old Danne mix somewhere, and I’m even willing to bet that I gave it some funny name involving alliteration, at least 1 Silverchair song, and a “bonus” track from the Ultra Lounge Leopard Skin Sampler (which for the record is still my all time favorite album).

Back before Pandora and Genius playlists, if you wanted to hear a mixture of songs from different artists, you’d either have to put your 5 disc CD changer on shuffle, or sit down and mix them yourself, you know, by recording the songs you wanted off of a CD and onto a 60 or 90 minute cassette tape. Not only did I make a lot of mixtapes in my day, but I was lucky enough to receive a bunch as well (especially the year when I asked everyone to make me one for my birthday), and as much as I minimize my possessions, these tapes will always survive spring-cleaning.

What’s so fun about going through them is that they take me right back to where (and who) I was when I made them. Like how a certain scent can immediately transport you back to a distant time and place, music can have the same nostalgic effect, which is exactly why I wanted to assign this summer a soundtrack.

So, after much hemming and hawing over the past few weeks here she is, the official 12 Months of Lent Summer Bucket {Play}List. As can be expected of any Danne Dzenawagis mix, you’ll find an eclectic collection of songs spanning many decades and genres of music, with at least a few questionable juxtapositions.

Below is a screenshot of the song list and I also published it on iTunes in case anyone is intrigued enough by my selections to take the plunge and purchase it for yourself. And hey, if you still drive a car with a cassette player like I do, you might even be able to talk me into sending you over an analog copy.

12 Months of Lent Summer Bucket {Play}List

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