#8: Go to the Beach, #31: Go for a Boat Ride, #14: Light Some Sparklers

Done, done and done. And in that order too.

Since the weather in June was less than ideal for fun summer activities, I was extra excited that the first weekend of July brought sunny skies and 4 days off in a row to enjoy them (an extra long weekend for me, woohoo!).

I spent my time wisely and managed to knock 3 things off my bucket list. Drum roll please…

#8: Go to the Beach
I spent my first beach day of the summer up on Plum Island, enjoying the amazing beach that’s just steps away from my good friend Marissa’s parent’s place. Not only is it one of the most beautiful beaches on the north shore (of Boston that is), but somehow it’s never crowded. Sound like a dream? It is. I love you, Plum Island.

Marissa and I enjoying a perfect beach day

#31: Go for a Boat Ride

Considering that I don’t own a boat or have any boat-owning friends or family members, I wasn’t really sure how this one would get crossed off the list. The universe answered my prayers though, and our friend Jud invited us out on his dad’s boat for some 4th of July water skiing (my code word for sunbathing) on Chebacco Lake.

Some action (See: Dan) and inaction (See: Danne) shots by Jud

#14: Light Some Sparklers
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not when you live in Massachusetts and fireworks are illegal. Although we actually were in New Hampshire (where they’re perfectly legal) on Saturday night, we somehow (I blame The Portsmouth Brewery for this) managed to forget to pick some up before we crossed back over the state line. Lucky for us though, the favors at the wedding that we attended on Sunday were gigantic sparklers and we lit them off in Gloucester the evening of the 4th.

More lovely shots by Jud

And what, it’s Friday again already?! This weekend I’m trading Cape Ann for Cape Cod for more bucket list fun.

July = Awesome

One thought on “#8: Go to the Beach, #31: Go for a Boat Ride, #14: Light Some Sparklers

  1. Love the blog…love the bucket list! Side note: I don't think you'll be able to keep your cat out of your garden if you keep catnip in it… I grew catnip once, and lot's of strange cats began spending time in my yard…

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