My MFP (Most Favorite Player)

Even though he’s apparently in a bit of a slump right now (at least that’s what they’ve been saying, like I’d know the difference), there’s still something pretty lovable about Dustin Pedroia, my official MFP (most favorite player) of the 2011 Boston Red Sox team. Like you inadvertently gravitate towards one band member or TV show character over another, it also seems to happen in the sports world.

Unlike a serious sports fan would, I don’t base my favorite player status on merit, but rather on things like, “cool we were born in the same year!”, “hey, he just got a hit!”, and most importantly: general adorability. A week or so into this month I realized that I was getting a little more excited when Pedroia would come up to bat and since the feeling has persisted, he has officially been granted my MFP (quite an honor).

It may come as a surprise that he took the cake, especially over a shoe in like Jacoby Ellsbury (admittedly, he’s definitely a hottie and it’s pretty cool that he’s the first person of Navajo descent to make it to the major leagues), but I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about that Dustin Pedroia, sigh…

Before I turn into too much of a teenager though, here are last week’s highlights from week 3 as a baseball fan:

1. Watching a game with lil’ Eleanor as my baseball buddy. Seriously though, how cute is this baby and how serious of a sports fan is she already? She wouldn’t even take her eyes off the game for photo. Justin must be so proud…

2. Eating the delicious spread of baseball snacks prepared by Amanda Morgan: Cheese, bread, & jam, pigs in blankets, deviled eggs, and chips & guac? Yes, please.

3. Listening to the game on the radio last Thursday night when we won it in the bottom on the 9th. I had an “I am my fathers daughter” moment when I slow clapped in the car by myself haha.

4. Being in New York City last weekend and genuinely feeling a little out of place among the many people who were donning Yankees gear. The rivalry must run pretty deep if I even feel it…

Just one week to go though and not enough home games to fit it all in. I will get to Fenway before June 1st though, fingers crossed for good weather!

She gets cuter every time I see her, omg…

Ever wondered what my last meal on earth would be? Add a glass of Pinot Grigio and it’s complete

4 thoughts on “My MFP (Most Favorite Player)

  1. Danne, I just love reading your blog.Also unlike a "serious" sports fan, I would say that my MFP is Papelbon — solely because my 92 year old grandmother, who has been a Red Sox fan for probably 80 of those years, calls him "Popaballs" every single game, without fail, no matter how many times you correct her. It is hilarious.Good luck at your run this weekend!

  2. hahahaha jocelyn, this is probably the best comment that 12MOL has ever received. and high five for having grandmas in their 90's, i've got 2! let's hang out soon, it's been 100 years

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