Slow and Steady Wins the Race

A lot of people say they can’t get into baseball because it’s too “slow”, or “boring”, or because there “isn’t enough action”. Um, are you kidding me? That’s why baseball is so awesome in the first place. Yeah, you’re not guaranteed a bloody brawl or a game that’ll score in the double digits, but I’m not watching sports because I’m looking for something to get stressed (or grossed) out about—I’m watching to relax. Sure there’s a few tense moments in your average game, but for the most part it moves so slow that it’s practically meditative—or at least a little more so than a pig pile of 300 lb. men is (sorry football).

And for a compulsive multitasker like myself, baseball is a godsend. A sport that I can keep up with without devoting my complete attention to? Win! I can switch back and forth between stations, give myself a pedicure, make a dent in my mounting pile of clothing that needs mending (thanks fast fashion), and catch up on emails—all without missing a play.

Dear Baseball,

Don’t listen to all those haters, you’ve had it right all along. Slow and steady wins the race.

Danne, your new fan

p.s. On another note, good luck with tomorrow’s impending rapture everyone. This someecard pretty much sums up how I feel about the matter:

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