Question: Where can I stream live MLB games online for free?

Can an actual sports fan confirm this for me: Is it true that there are restrictions from MLB that don’t allow live games to be streamed online for free? I wanted to listen to the game while I was at work yesterday but couldn’t figure out how to get it to work without buying a yearly subscription from It’s only $19.99 so I might just go for it, but I wanted to check first to see if someone has a free solution for me. Anyone know?

And in Red Sox news this week, we won the first 2 games against the Angels and then lost the second 2 (we really lost the last one, ouch). A 4 game series with the Minnesota Twins starts tonight at 7:10pm.

And in Danne news related to becoming a Red Sox fan, I think it’s actually working! I find myself caring a little more each game and actually looking forward to watching. Who knew it would be this easy?


One thought on “Question: Where can I stream live MLB games online for free?

  1. Let me first say I am very surprised by this month's challenge! You're a whole new woman.Second, my boyfriend follows games online at work every day. So… you can't watch MLB games online without paying. I'm not sure if you already found this feature, but on both and, you can watch a diagram with a live stream of the current stats. Justin said MLB is more intense while ESPN has a simpler version. Oh! And if you have a radio, Sox games are always announced live there.

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