Recipe # 6: Curried Tofu Sandwiches with Apple, Avocado and Mixed Greens

Since I started freelancing in Somerville this past January, I’ve been using lunch break as an excuse to explore my new work neighborhood, Union Square. I’ve found a bunch of great little places, but so far my favorite has been this hidden gem, Bloc 11 Café. Not only do I love them because they produce virtually no trash (they recycle and compost like crazy), but their food is DELICIOUS and they have seating in an old bank vault, how cool is that? They make an amazing curried tofu sandwich that I decided to try to recreate (using this recipe) for a little lunch party that I hosted last Saturday with my guests of honor, Amanda Morgan and her little bambina Eleanor.

Amanda and I met at Neoscape a few years back where we worked side by side (no literally, we sat 2 feet apart from each other) as graphic designers. We made fast friends and spent the entirety of 2007-2009 attached at the hip, having more fun than we knew what to do with. Things have changed a bit since the glory days of 2007 though: we were both laid off from Neoscape, I’ve been jumping around from one job to the next, Amanda went back to school to get her masters degree, and most importantly, she had a baby last August, little Eleanor Grace. Needless to say, the all night danceathons have been replaced with afternoon luncheons. Does this mean I’m officially an adult? Aahhhhh…

Last Saturday I scheduled some long-overdue hangout time and invited Amanda, Eleanor, and Justin (Eleanor’s daddy) over to be my curried tofu guinea pigs (well, that’s a funny sentence). We were also joined by Alexandra, my roommate and Amanda’s childhood BFF, the one and only Dan Kaplan, and of course, Fanne, who was about to have her first encounter with a small child (I was a little nervous but apparently she only abhors small animals, small humans are in the clear, phew).

The outcome? The sammies were super easy to make and they came out pretty tasty too. I feel like they were a teeny bit bland so next time I’ll probably up the spices or use a little less tofu. Bloc 11 adds sliced apples and avocado in their version and I highly recommend including both if you decide to use the recipe I posted above.

And don’t think Eleanor went hungry, Amanda taught me the art of pureeing fruits and veggies for babies and lil’ El dined on some tasty bananas and avocado.


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