Recipe #5: Vegan Pumpkin Ravioli

Can ravioli be vegan? You bet it can! Read on…

Last Thursday night I went over to Joyce’s again for our weekly Jersey Shore dinner party. Since it just so happened to be Spring Break too, we were lucky enough to have my very dear friend Jenny DeArcangelis as our guest of honor.

Jenny and I go way back to 7th grade when we met at a tent sleepover in our friend Maeve’s backyard. We became fast friends and knew it was meant to be when we started noticing odd similarities between us: She’s just Jenny, not short for Jennifer and I’m just Danne, not short for Danielle; we both have long and confusing last names that start with the letter D; we have matching nose moles (sorry, is that taking it too far?); and we seem to always make the same gooney face in photographs (scroll down for proof). With all of these similarities, it’s no surprise that we were often mistaken for each other in high school, so much so that we started telling people we were twins (and sometimes still do).

Jenny and I also share a lot of similarities when it comes to our philosophy on food, but she definitely one-ups my vegetarianism with her veganism. A lot of my friends have gone through a vegan “phase” but Jenny is the only one who’s actually stuck with it—and for almost a decade too. We’ve shared many delicious meals together and last Thursday’s was no different.

Joyce, Jenny and I decided that it would only be fitting to make a nice Italian meal for Jersey Shore night, when in Rome, right? (*If my sarcasm wasn’t evident, let it be known, mainly for the sake of my Italian grandmother, that I do not think that any cast member of the Jersey Shore accurately represents the Italian American community*). That being said, we picked out this delicious recipe for pumpkin ravioli. How is it vegan you ask? Wonton wrappers instead of dough! Vegans beware though, I had to venture to Super 88 to find vegan wonton wrappers because a lot of brands make them with egg.

This recipe wasn’t difficult at all and it made a ton. I even spooned the leftover filling onto some pizza dough, folded it up, and made little pumpkin pierogies. Delish!

We were all slightly embarrassed to admit that the recipe came from…get ready for it…, and even started making up a story about how it was a family recipe passed down from Jenny’s Chinese-Italian grandmother, but I decided to just fess up. Hey, at least is good for something…


hahaha sorry Jenny, it was too funny not to post

One thought on “Recipe #5: Vegan Pumpkin Ravioli

  1. Danne- yes, those ravi's were super yummy! And fun to make. Also, don't ever be sorry for putting that picture on the internet, it's one of my favorites from our collection of twin pictures! how do we do it??can't wait for another culinary adventure with you!-jwow

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