Recipe #1: Mixed Bean and Toasted Corn Tacos with Agave Nectar Margaritas

Last night I kicked off my month of cooking with my very dear friend Jocelyn, or as I like to call her, Joyce. Joyce and I go way back to 2002 when we were suite-mates (we preferred suite-mateys) in the dorms at MassArt. Not only did we live together and take all of the same classes, but we also studied abroad together in Florence, Italy the summer after our junior year.

Not surprisingly, that experience left us with a strong culinary bond (not to mention a deep love for anything involving truffles), and we’ve been making dinners together ever since. She’s one of my besties and one of my favorite dinner party companions, so it only made sense to start out this month’s challenge with her.

Now, on to what we made…

Even though Spring is only a few weeks away, it’s still pretty frigid in Boston so we were in the mood for something warm and crunchy. After looking through dozens of recipes, we decided on the Mixed Bean and Toasted Corn Tacos from my favorite cooking blog, Two Blue Lemons. And since it just so happened to be Thirsty Thursday (she’s my friend from college, I’m allowed to make these references), we decided to mix up these delicious Agave Nectar Margaritas as well. Both recipes were delicious, easy to make, and fulfilled the warm and crunchy requirement (well, not the cocktails, but they weren’t supposed to). While a taco isn’t branching too far from my list of staple meals, the bean mixture and toasted corn is a great addition to my usual fillings that I will definitely try again.

And for dessert? A new episode of the Jersey Shore. I think I’m really going to like this month…

Joyce and I enjoying some Pinot Grigio at our apartment in Florence

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