28 Days of Drawing

I can’t say that drawing month was as impactful as my last few lents have been, but I will say that it was pretty fun assigning myself miscellaneous art projects to complete. I did struggle (not surprisingly) with drawing for the sake of drawing though, and ended up creating practical applications: kitchen art, greeting cards and logos, instead of pursing purely artistic endeavors. I guess that’s what the last 10 years of graphic design has done to me, so I might as well just go with it instead of blame it for the destruction of my intrinsic creativity. I won’t get into that though…

A few observations from the month:

-I already draw way more than I realized I did, especially for work.

-As much as it was relaxing (drawing before bed was a great way to unwind), whenever I had expectations for the outcome it become more stressful than stress relieving. I think this can be true for a lot of things in life, “He who has no expectations will never be disappointed”, or however the saying goes…

-I have an embarrassingly short attention span because I actually felt proud when I would get through even half an hour of uninterrupted creative time. Can I blame this on Facebook and the Jersey Shore?

-Apparently my drawing career peaked in high school because there has been little to no improvement since then. Cool. Sean, I’m handing the artistic torch to you bro, make us proudawagis.

While I didn’t get around to the 12MOL logo and my happy pappy roommate chart (again with the expectations and disappointment, or is that just Catholic guilt making another appearance?), it’s okay; it was a fun month regardless of what I accomplished. And since my self-portrait was a bit of a bust as well, I figured that I could at least leave you with a happy pappy self-portrait, circa 2011.

And now on to March: Danne’s Kitchen, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.

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